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Web Design Company Profile:

Red Gecko Designs and Equine Web Marketing LLC is owned and operated by Cori Quevillon an experienced Designer, with strong skills in Business Marketing. With over 16+ years experience in web design work. She has a strong knowledge of what it takes to make your business work and be successful on the internet. Plain and simple she knows the industry, and knows what will work on the internet for you.

A Little More:

Cori is continually updating herself with the latest techniques, scripts and the newest tools; Html Coding, Java Scripts, PHP, ASP, MySLQ, CGI, Marketing, Graphics Design, and Search Engine Placement that is essential in today's ever-changing Internet. Including quality and personal Hosting Services

Our whole goal is to help you make a presence on the Internet at reasonable cost, with total freedom to submit your ideas and your own marketing plans. We are also a strong subscriber to ethical and professional codes, your service will always be up to the highest standards!

Most will find that the costs for starting and running a web site are less that generally though, for year around, 365 days, 24 hours, World Wide advertising. Far Beating the long industry standard of expensive print advertising. While Print can still be vital, it can be made more effect and cost efficient with a website showcasing you farm and business.

You have worked hard to build your business, now let us help market it and make you more profitable.

Beauty By Cori

"Hi Cori, I think the site turned out great. Very easy to edit!, Thanks, Nathan" Gold Mine Rock Shop

"Thanks again for your work. I really like the site. Now I need to get out and advertise it! Thanks, Tim" Trailhead Graphics

"Hi Corisa. It looks great!! Just what we wanted. Thank you so much. Huw Davies" Red Valley Miniatures UK

Like to do it yourself? We offer affordable , Easy Do-it-Your-Self Site Builders, EZ Site Editors, E-Commerce Solutions that install in your current website, Domain Name Registrations and quality Hosting Packages, plus a page full of helpful Resources to help you get it done right. 

Our offices are located Penrose, CO,  proudly serving locally Harrison, Newton County, Western Grove, Boone County, JAsper, and many other locations throughout the United States, Europe and Canada.

Contact Us...together we will get you on a Web Marketing Plan that will launch you to new places, open up new markets, and find people just waiting to meet your services!
       Get Seen, Get Found!

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A Few Interesting Facts:

Web Advertising is the most cost effective way for a business to advertise, with escalating cost of Print advertising and the numbers of Customers taking to the internet to look for services first, you can boast your advertising dollar by using a website in conjunction with Print advertising, with the flexibility to change your site as needed. Whereas Print advertising alone is static and hard to change.

Why Choose Red Gecko?

Plain and Simple Experience Counts, professionally designed sites usually get 1000% more viewers, than the free site builders often offered with some larger internet companies. They offer software that make is easy for you to build a quick website, but this in itself turns away search engine robots and make you harder to find.

Why Are Our Rates Lower?

Red Gecko is a home based business, not surprising in today climate of larger budgets and high rent buildings. Why pay for for someone else's high overhead real estate, office staff and a team of over paid designers. But don't be fooled by the fact that Red Gecko is home based, we have clients all over the country, some with million dollar budgets themselves. In the end you will receive more personal service and lower rates, but never be compromised in the Quality of work you will receive from Red Gecko!