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Want to edit your web site! It's E-Z !
Let us Build it, you can Edit it!

The Why!? Many clients come to us asking "I want a professional Web site, but I would like to be able to edit pages?once it is complete" Our Simple to use "E-Z Edit" Editing script allows you to edit and update your own web site page, which in the end saves you money and time on web site maintenance costs.

Professional! We can professionally build your site and install the "E-Z Edit" tool that will?give you the power over your own site. "E-Z Edit" gives you a fully functional, professional, custom, web site that YOU can change anytime. Have an existing site? In most cases we can install "E-Z Edit" and get you going, no redesign needed!

Simple! Easy to use web page editing that works in-browser, allowing non-techy people to update their own pages! Just need to change a few words, add a few paragraphs, Then "E-Z Edit" is for you! No need for any special software on your computer. Internet Explorer or FireFox will work just fine. You can edit your professionally built site, even if you're not a computer geek.

Affordable! "E-Z Edit" For only a one time setup and install fee ( $49.99 for most sites )you can be on your way, to make changes as much as you wish, day or night! This isn't a web site template, or one of those bloated Site Builders, it's a real web site! Real Web site design done by a professional, you take over minor edits. Don't fear, we will be here for major edits when needed!.

Feature-Rich! With "E-Z Edit", anyone who can use a Word Processor and has a browser can manage their web site with ease. - no programming, html or graphic design skills are necessary. Whether you want to just a couple of words changed or swap out a photo. "E-Z Edit" allows you to quickly and easily update your site and see the results immediately.

Efficient! With "E-Z Edit", you are in complete control of your business' web presence and can change it whenever and wherever you want! A Simple keystroke allows you to log in, quickly make your edit and save.

Secure! You will receive a unique username and password to protect your site, so only you have access to your website. No client special software needed to install?on your computer. Got a browser, you can edit a page! Manage your entire website from any browser, anywhere, anytime from multiple computers!

"E-Z Edit" is perfect for non-profit organizations who can't afford a webmaster. You don't need to know web design to maintain a web site that looks and "is" totally professional.

"E-Z Edit" gives and keeps your search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities to get your website seen by your customers.

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Customer Comments:

Hi Corisa, I was able to get on and do all my PDF updates.....added a picture of our queens and did some changing of the membership page. NO PROBLEMS so far!!!! I'm thinking this is going to be a good thing!!!!
Thanks, Becky

Customer Comments:

Hi Cori, I love being able to edit my site, Thanks.

Customer Comments:

Hi Corisa The EZ Edit is great, it is very easy to make changes. Thanks
Wendy Sawyer Office Manager