What is Domain Web-Based Email?

Web-Based Email is viewing, and sending emails, by using your web browser instead of a email program. If you have had a gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail Account there is a good chance that is how you checked your email.However in our case we have domain based email and have only one server to store emails...where as the above mentioned free email services utilize multiple severs across a broad territory.


Good Things about Web based Emails-- You can check you email on other computers, but just typing in your url and entering your email and password. This is very nice if you are traveling.

Not So Good things: While Web Based email is a powerful and useful way of managing your email. We do not recommend using web-based email for long periods of time. Why, if you get large files, these are stored on the server, slowing down your website and other email accounts. Every email you delete, must be purged.


And another item is you have a limit of how much you can store on the server. A Warning if your email account gets full, you may actually lose incoming and stored email message, thus make an unstable email environment. We recommend using an email program that actually goes to your email account, checks, retrieve and places emails and files on your computer! And After doing so removes checked emails from the server.



* Added 2012*


It cannot be said enough that we do not recommend to use web-based email as anything but a temporary or short term solution.  99% of Customers who use web-based email as a day to day email solution, have email issues.  The correct and proper way to manage a domain based email is to use a program such as thunderbird, outlook, outlook express or which ever email client came with your computers. In addition it is vital that this program be set to remove the emails from the server.


We are happy to help you through the process of setting up an email client to check your email and store them on your computer. But as of June 2012,  we are officially NOT supporting habitual users of webmail. Again issues from using this as a permanent solution, can range from your website crashing, emails bouncing and much more.

As always we are here to help!!


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